Wardens of the Auric Scale

The Wardens are a group of holy knights who use alternatives to magic to promote order; primarily through reverence of the Old Deities. The Wardens aim to minimize conflict across the Cradle through militant action as necessary. Politically unaffiliated, the Wardens are lead only by the directive of the First Knight and the high-ranking knights among them.

The Wardens consist primarily of Paladins and Clerics, along with a number of Warlocks, and those with other skillsets devoted to their cause. While the teachings of fey-like power are beyond them, locked away in Academia, the Wardens remember a more primal magic; of invoking the power of a God, to become their power by investing faith in their trusted deities. In this way, Paladins and Clerics are created by the Wardens; Warlocks from the Order tend to have a relationship with the Gods that is a bit more… perverse, intimate, and ultimately extremist in nature.

The reality is, no-one knows if the Gods are real. But faith is required to manifest this power, faith in something larger than yourself. Among the Wardens, the dubious nature of the Gods is well-known and unspoken; but they know the harrowing faith that each other feels in the power they experience, whether or not they believe in each others’ patron Gods, and this mutual knowledge knits a tight brotherhood.

The Wardens are never forced into a task, but their sense of honor and camaraderie all but forces them to complete their work in the name of the First Knight and the Scale.

The knights have three major strongholds: Wardenkeep in Highland, where the First Knight resides; Armengarde, in Gildling, where new recruits are trained to channel the power of their patron God and hone their skills in battle; and Ellyidora, of Stormhallow, where paladins are stationed to aid Stormhallow in defense from [[Tel’Ogum]] and the threat of the Darklands.

There is a rivalry between the King of High Bastion and the First Knight residing in Wardenkeep; the King primarily holds political power in the region but fears that the public favor the Wardens of the Auric Scale, and that he may be overthrown. There’s a political-religious tension that can be felt across Highland, and it’s believed that the Wardens could easily consolidate political power in their already significant role.

Armengarde lies in the outskirts of Tyring in Gildling. Armengarde is concerned in the training of Paladins and Clerics, as well as the odd Warlock; they train your body and help you open your mind to your deity, allowing you to channel magic in a way completely different from the magics of Academia. When training is complete, Wardens are assigned to a team mixed of veteran Paladins and new recruits, stationed in a stronghold or sent on missions anywhere throughout the Cradle.

Ellyidora is a city in east Stormhallow. Ellyidora Wardens are tasked with protecting Hallowmen from horrific beast threats that lie beyond the nation in the wilds, as well as to strongarm Tel’Ogum into peace and protect the nation from acts of transgression.

No matter where they are stationed, Wardens are tasked with eliminating political, natural and magical threats to global stability. One driving force in their rivalry with Academia is the fact that many of these threats come from within the magical city; Academia will not aid the Wardens in eliminating these dangers, and rather see the Wardens’ interference as a setback to their research.

Wardens of the Auric Scale

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