((Stormhallow Background only!!))

Stormhallow is a decent sized country in the far south ruled by Queen Oriela, an elf of 200 years of age. Felix and Sezura are from Stormhallow — which is simultaneously the name of the country and the capitol.

Stormhallow is not otherwise very notable, but it’s been a good home to its well-married human and elf population. Stormhallow has a strong army that fiercely respects its queen, and has been doing battle with nearby lands that threaten to encroach on Stormhallow’s resources and do harm to its people. Stormhallow also faces the greatest monster threats of the lands of Cradle, second to Landfall, from the feral Darklands that constantly nip at Stormhallow’s borders.

Stormhallow has a Paladin base of operations, mirroring the one on the Highland-Gildling border; this Holy Knight Order stands to defend the people of the world, no matter their nationality, and works with distinct Monasteries to improve lives and prevent war and conflict. The Knight Order’s leader, the Exalted One or Knight Commander, always has Queen Oriela’s ear.

Stormhallow accepts refugees willing to serve as soldiers against the monstrous forces against them, providing a comfortable yet laborious life for the soldier’s family.

Ellyidora is a city in east Stormhallow, containing a stronghold of the Wardens of the Auric Scale. Ellyidora Wardens are tasked with protecting Hallowmen from horrific beast threats that lie beyond the nation in the wilds, as well as to strongarm Tel’Ogum into peace and protect the nation from acts of transgression.


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