Eden is a large circular city of stone and steel floating high in the sky of Landfall, over a natural lake in the northern mountain range. The city now features a number of shops, inns and taverns, and several thousand people. Many areas of Eden are inaccessible.

The city floats at maybe a thousand feet off the ground, above mountains with already decent elevation. Well before the peak lies the base of the Eden Lift designed by Felix Oloyce to climb the city roughly a decade ago. Since, he’s made great efforts to uncover more of Eden’s secrets.

The city is composed of three rings; the outer ring is a large, wall-like structure connected to no land. The second circle is a wall shorter than human height that contains the more wild section of Eden, where grass, trees, and even some lakes lie, as well as many stone buildings; some are accessible, while others remain locked. From this midwall, one can see out across the land, but the view of the horizon is obscured by the floating outer wall.

The inner wall separates this more rural, wild section from the main city, where concentrated stone and wood buildings stand. The northern end of the city is more squalid, while yhe southern part holds the city’s aristocrats. At the soutern edge of the inner ring sits a large chapel-like castle with ornate doors of white wood with gold trim. None of the castle bears any sign of age. The castle is completely inaccessible; the doors can’t even be touched, and the walls are impenetrable.


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