West of Feywood in Elarün is the city Academia, a city-state almost independent of Elarün government that gathers the greatest minds and top magical talent in all of the Cradle. Formally trained wizards in Titan’s Cradle are almost exclusively gathered and trained in Academia. Academia is highly exclusive, though, and is relentless in gathering power and knowledge, giving out its own knowledge only in exchange for a much higher gain. As such, little is known about the inner workings of Academia and the magic and technology they possess.

Wizards, bards, few priests, and even some warlocks have a history in Academia. Sorcerers are often invited to Academia when discovered, but they are rare.

Academia has a rivalry with the elite Paladins who spearhead the Wardens of the Auric Scale, whose goals are to promote peace and and safety through force.

Bards tend to gather outside Feywood before and after leaving Academia, interested in the aura of the mystic wood, feeling drawn to the same kind of power. Some 50% of those who become bards stay with the college, while the rest leave to chase philosophy and nature or courageous battles.


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