Nestled in the heart of the region Titan’s Cradle, island-continent Landfall was the center of a worldly calamity hundreds of years ago that devastated the world and left Landfall completely uninhabitable, seemingly forever. As new explorers test the region, many are finding this is no longer the case. Thousands flock to the new land, once omen of destruction and now beacon of hope and prosperity—seeking freedom from slavery and threat of monstrous death; seeking a new start cultivating the land and working the people for great profit; seeking political refuge or political dominion; or, for many others, simply seeking untold adventure.

Most exciting and mysterious of all is the stone-metal city that floats high above the land, a place dubbed Eden, now housing thousands of people from around the Cradle. No one knows how this relic came to be, and many areas of city still lie inaccessible to its newfound inhabitants.

Many secrets run deep under these lands of cataclysm. Monstrous and mystic forces work their way out of the island’s depths, relics of the people who lived here are slowly uncovered, and old ties and conflicts are tested as folk-kind once more comes to inhabit the region.

Landfall is a volatile region without direction, and the strongest will or the highest bidder will shape its future. How will you change Landfall? How will Landfall change you?


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